Views of Bagadeus below the waterline

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This page contains a number of photographs of Bagadeus below the waterline, taken just after delivery to Opal Marine from the factory in Bavaria.  Their main purpose is to record her underwater details in case of problems, such as being snagged by a lobster pot line.  At such times it is essential to have an idea what is down there, as a necessary precursor to dealing with the problem.

The saildrive is equipped with an Ambassador rope cutter, which in tests has been found to be the best cutter available; this should deal satisfactorily with anything which temporarily fouls the propeller.


U/W: from astern

U/W: from astern

U/W: from ahead

U/W:  from below

UW:  Bow to keel

Portside hull openings



Rudder:  detail

Saildrive and rope-cutter

Saildrive and Anode

Keel:  detail

U/W: beam view

U/W: beam view


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