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This website tells the ongoing story of a yacht:  Bagadeus.   It is presented by Malcolm, her former skipper and one of the two original owners who purchased her from new in 2002.

The photograph on the right shows her in Falmouth during a  25-day 700-mile cruise to the Isles of Scilly by the original owners in her first year afloat.

Bagadeus, a Bavaria 34 measuring 10.8m (35'5"), is a well-equipped yacht (take a look at her specification).  She has excellent sailing qualities, points well and, from personal experience, is well able to handle force 10 conditions if need be.  In the opinion and experience of the author there are larger yachts out there that will not handle such conditions as well as Bagadeus.

The Details link on the left will take you to pages giving a detailed specification and a description of exterior and interior details with photographs.  There are also photographs of details below the waterline including the keel, saildrive, anode, rudder and hull openings, taken for reference purposes before Bagadeus went into the water.  In February 2004 she was fitted with a bow-thruster and a warm-air heater and in April 2010 she had a navigation electronics refit including the fitting of an AIS transceiver. For now, though, these are not described in these pages.

The History section gives a chronological account of the history of Bagadeus from her purchase onwards.  In view of her recent sale, this section is currently a work-in-progress.

The Cruises section describes four cruises by the original owners as an illustration of cruising life aboard Bagadeus.

And - the site would not be complete without a few photographs of the two remarkable cats who gave Bagadeus her name.

Bagadeus eligatur

The name Bagadeus is derived from the names of two remarkable cats:  Baggins, on the left, who belonged to one of the original owners and Amadeus, on the right, who belonged to the other.

You can see more of Baggins and Amadeus at "The Cats".




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