Interior details

Some of the main features of the saloon including navigation area,  galley and heads/shower compartment.

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The three photographs below show bagadeus' Navigation Area.  The Chartplotter, on the left of the general view, hinges out and locks in position so that it faces and is easily to hand for the navigator in his normal seated position.  The tube mounted between chartplotter and switch panel is the emergency VHF antenna.

  The main switch panel is above the chart table, with below it the broadcast radio and CD player, a mains outlet when shore power is connected, and a 12V outlet socket for mobile telephone chargers and the like.  The small DIN socket below the 12V socket is a NMEA interface to allow a laptop PC to be connected so that e.g. waypoints and routes can be transferred to or from the PC.  Of course, anything controllable via the NMEA bus could, with appropriate PC software, be controlled from the laptop if required.    To the right of the switch panel are the Marine VHF DSC Radio (Simrad RD68) and the ICS Nav6 Plus NAVTEX receiver for weather and navigation warnings; NAVTEX broadcasts are stored and displayed under operator control on the unit's LCD screen.  The small panel below the NAVTEX receiver, at table height, is the status panel for the 40A battery charger system.

The photograph on the left shows the Raymarine Course Computer being installed, on the bulkhead forward of the Navigation Table.  This unit is the 150G with gyro turn rate information for more accurate autopilot control in difficult conditions.

The photograph on the left below shows a detail from the chartplotter screen.  The chartplotter was switched on just to take these photographs;  since the unit automatically selects the most detailed chart available, it had selected the detailed chart of Port Hamble Marina.  The small black boat symbol at centre left indicates bagadeus' position.  The accuracy of the GPS system can be judged by comparing the chart screen with the external photographs on the right showing bagadeus' location at the time.  You can see that the chartplotter is indicating her position correctly to within a metre or two.

On the left below is a general view of the saloon, looking forward.  The two instruments on the starboard side of the saloon are a clock and an aneroid barometer.  The port-side door leads to the heads compartment, the starboard-side door to the forward cabin.  The heads compartment is surprisingly roomy; the depth is matched by the depth of the standing/dressing area in the forward cabin, with the bunks extending the full width of the boat.  The standing/dressing area also contains a small seat and, behind the seat, storage and hanging lockers.

The galley area is shown in the centre, with the sink and electric refrigerator.  There is a mains outlet socket above the refrigerator, mains power is available when shore power is connected.

A view of the heads compartment, taken from the doorway, on the right.  The marine toilet can just be seen in the mirror.  The tap nozzle pulls out on an extension to provide a hot-water shower.  Shower water pump out is by electric pump controlled by the small black switch to the right and below the grab handle on the washbasin stand.

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