Maintenance Support

Some details of parts of the boat which are normally hidden from view

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This page, which is still under development, contains photographs which may be useful in the event of problems, or during maintenance - or just for interest, to show some parts of the boat not normally seen.

Autopilot linear motor, ram and steering quadrant

Starboard Side of
Steering Quadrant and
Steering Cable

Port side of Steering Quadrant,
Steering Cable and Motor Arm


Linear Motor and
Motor Arm


Linear Motor, Mounting

Details of the steering quadrant and autopilot motor are shown above and on the left.

Above, left, shows the starboard side of the quadrant together with the cable around it which connect to the wheel.  The quadrant is at the top of the rudder stock.  Below the quadrant is the steering arm for the autopilot motor, clamped around the rudder stock.

Above middle  shows a port-side view of quadrant and motor arm.  Above right shows the the autopilot linear motor.  The photograph on the left shows details of the motor mounting.



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